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    Module 1 - WHAT can I talk about if I have little or no work experience?

    • Workbook Module 1 - don't forget to download before you start this chapter 👉🏽

    • 1. How To Talk About Yourself

    • 2. Confidence Comes From Self-knowledge

    • 3. People Skills (EQ vs IQ)

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    Module 2 - HOW do I talk about myself? All the secrets shared.

    • Workbook Module 2 - don't forget to download before you start this chapter

    • 4. Behavioural Interviews And The S.A.R. Method

    • 5. What Are Your Strengths?

    • 6. What Are Your Weaknesses And How To Talk About These

    • 7. Managing Your Social Media Presence

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    Module 3 - WOW employers and make a genuine impression.

    • Workbook Module 3 - don't forget to download before you start this chapter

    • 8. What Employers Want

    • 9. Pre-Interview Employer Research

    • 10. Job Search Tips

    • 11. Handling Hurdles, Rejections and Failures

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    Module 4 - BRING it together in a resume, cover letter & interview.

    • Workbook Module 4 - don't forget to download before you start this chapter

    • 12. The Recruitment Process Explained

    • 13. Cover Letters And Selection Criteria

    • 14. Creating a Powerful Resume

    • 15. Video Interview vs Online (or Live) Interview

    • 16. Leveraging LinkedIn

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    Resume Template Pack - download, yours to keep

    • Resume & Cover Letter Completion Notes

    • How To Rescue Your Resume - Guide

    • Resume Template Example - PDF

    • Resume Template - WORD

    • Cover Letter Example - WORD

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    BONUS INTERVIEWS - Young Adults Share Their Career Stories

    • EMERGENCY SERVICES - From Bank Teller At Age 19 To Fire Fighter: How This Indigenous Go-Getter Obtained Her Dream Job

    • TRADE JOBS - Leaving School In Year 10: A 16 Year Old 2nd Year Apprentice Shares His Invaluable Tips To Start A Career As A Tradie

    • GRADUATE JOBS - Don't Underestimate Volunteer Jobs & Working At Your Local Cafe: How This Uni Student Got Graduate Job Interview Ready

    • ADF OFFICER - Meet a 19 year old Army Officer In Training To Achieve A Coveted Helicopter Pilot Role In The Army - What It Takes To Successfully Apply To The ADF

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  • 16 VIDEOS - Easy to use, expert videos you can view at your own pace. All the tools & techniques to go from application to outfit and interview to offer.

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  • 16 PAGE RESUME TEMPLATE PACK - crafted in consultation with HR specialists. Including a formatted Resume as a WORD doc you can build on, PDF guide, example of a great cover letter and a 'How To Rescue Your Resume' guide.

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  • BONUS VIDEOS - Hear from entry level candidates what it took to gain a roles in their industries (Emergency Services, Trade Jobs, Graduate jobs and the ADF).

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