Comprehensive Airline Interview Training For Pilots - At Your Fingertips

This course is the ultimate interview preparation for pilots, ahead of an Intensive one-on-one Coaching session with one of our expert Pinstripe Coaches. 

This video course contains all the tools, SOP’s, advice and techniques that we don't have time to cover in an individual coaching session. 

It means we can maximise our time with you, when you come to a one-on-one individual coaching session with all your examples and answers prepared.


Which product is right for me?

You have landed on our Essential Airline course (Option B).

Each pilot has different circumstances, so we offer 3 options to prepare you in advance of one-on-one Intensive Interview Coaching:

  1. If you are coming from GA and there are financial constraints, then you can choose to only use the Aviation Interview Success Workbook to prepare ahead of a 1-1 coaching session ($152 ex GST)

  2. If you have had interview coaching with us over 12 months ago, already have completed the workbook, or are strapped for time, this Essential Airline Interview Coaching - Video Course only is for you ($249 ex GST)

  3. If you have never done any interview coaching, or want to leave nothing to chance, hop over to the Ultimate bundle. This includes the full Essential Airline Interview Coaching - Video Course PLUS the Interview Success Workbook ($379 ex GST)

Regardless of which option you choose, if you have received a last minute airline interview invitation, you can start your preparation right NOW!

What's in this course?

Access coaching at any time that suits you, covering the following:

  • 1 hour and 20 minutes of video content; 14 interview preparation videos with Kirsty and Tanja specifically training you for airline pilot interviews

  • This is an on-demand course, you can learn on your laptop, phone or iPad using our mobile app wherever you are and whenever you have time. Every time you log in, just pick up where you left off

  • For those who have worked with Pinstripe before, you will already know that we are all about building your confidence. We ensure you are ready for anything the airline HR team can throw at you on the day. If you are new to the Pinstripe Interview Preparation process, be ready for the videos to be fun, enjoyable and insightful. In these videos, Kirsty and Tanja work with you exactly as they would in a one-on-one coaching session.

  • You can watch videos as many times as you like, or pause a video on specific tips highlighted on screen, while working on specific examples such as answering a Negative Question

  • In-depth training of the SAR or STAR technique to ensure you nail every single example question at your interview

  • The Course comes with Bonus Videos and Downloads: Top Tips, Managing Nerves and a Checklist

  • The basis of this course is understanding and making strong decisions for your 'Behavioural Pilot Interview'. Airlines globally use the 'Behavioural Interview Method' so you will use this program throughout your airline career

  • Kirsty and Tanja walk you through all the concepts they have trained thousands of Pilots in, for over 20 years. Globally, our candidates have gained roles at over 40 airlines.

  • You have 21 days access to complete the course - Take notes at your own pace and review the videos as many times as you like over the access period. (If you need more than 21 days, no problem! Just email us to get an access extension.)

Accessible and Cost Effective

Access this online video course and all downloads in your own time and at your own pace

  • This video course offers great value with a 20% + saving on traditional one-on-one essential coaching sessions.
  • If you have received a last minute airline interview... no need to contact us to book Emergency Coaching Session and hope we can fit you in, get started right NOW!
  • Review, pause, rewind and take notes at your own pace. 
  • Access this course from anywhere, anytime.
  • Everyone learns at a different pace, this way your preparation is not rushed and every element is covered.

Course Introduction with Kirsty and Tanja

Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • A message from your coaches Kirsty & Tanja

    • How to use this course

    • A word on the Aviation Interview Success Workbook

    • Psychometric & Aptitude Testing (You can watch this video in our Free Aviation Resources as well)

  • 2


    • The Airline Behavioural Interview Technique

    • Job Interview Confidence

    • The SAR (or STAR) Technique Explained

    • Negative Example Questions

    • Scenario Questions

    • Tell Me About Career Your Career To Date?

    • Why Do You Want To Work For Us?

    • What To Ask During Interviews

    • Group Exercises

    • Group Exercises Download

    • Following Up After Your Job Interview - The Dos and Don'ts

  • 3


    • How To Handle Video Interviews

    • Managing Nerves

    • Managing Nerves Download

    • Kirsty's Top Tips

  • 4


    • How To Use The Checklist

    • Checklist Download

  • 5


    • Congrats, you have completed the course! What Next?

    • A word on one-on-one coaching sessions

Testimonial - Don't just take our word for it

George T, Captain, over 20,000 flying hours
 B787, B777, A340-300/500, A330-200, B747-200/300 

"In 2017, after 24 years of constant employment in the Airline Industry I was forced to take time off work to deal with a family crisis. Sixteen months later with crisis resolved I was once again in the market but faced unique challenges including my lack of currency. 

I purchased the Pinstripe Interview Success Workbook and followed it up with a 1 on 1 coaching session with Tanja. The workbook helped me prepare the foundation for my upcoming interviews but it was the 1 on 1 coaching that revealed weaknesses that had crept into my psychology as a result of recent events and together with Tanja and Kirsty, turned it into strengths. It was a team effort and thanks to Pinstripe’s commitment to its customers I was soon back in the left seat of a B787 where I felt most at home. 

Being a new joiner when Covid appeared I was once again unemployed and am now out of currency again! Except this time I know I can get back into it as I have already done it once before.
To prepare for upcoming interviews I am now using Pinstripe’s ‘Essential Interview Coaching Video Course for Pilots and Aviation Workbook’ as a refresher. This is a powerful package. The workbook is thorough and easy to follow and the videos are excellent!

This course covers everything I learnt from my previous experience with Pinstripe and a whole lot more. It offers clear guidance and direction, methods and techniques and plenty of practise so that I know I will be ready - as I was last time - when I'm sitting before an Airline Interview Panel.

Furthermore the skill set I developed through Pinstripe is also transferable into my professional life.

It's worth every penny."