Gain the real world job interview skills used by Airline and Top Gun Military pilots

Kirsty Anne Ferguson is a regular contributor to SEEK

This course teaches students interview skills they will use for life! 

Data shows your students will traverse 5 careers and 17 jobs in their lifetime.  Let's start by setting them up for success with the expert interview skills and confidence they need to develop right now. 

The sweet spot for this course is Year 9 or Year 10.

The course material can be taught as lessons, integrated as part of a Career workshop or students can be given direct access for teachers who don't have set times with their students as a group.

We are not Career Advisors. We teach your students exactly how to talk about themselves at any job interview with the techniques and confidence employers expect.

Since 2001 we've been teaching candidates in over 20 countries to gain success at each stage of their career. You’ve seen Top Gun, right? Guess who trained those girls and guys to get their jobs from the time they left High School? You got it, we do. 

In this course we have harnessed that training and share the skills, techniques and attitudes with your students to get the jobs they want, in any sector or industry.

Interview skills for life

16 short videos, bonus videos and 4 workbooks including 10 exercises

  • Students find out the secret to talking about themselves confidently without having to 'sell themselves'.

  • Behavioural Interviews explained step by step.

  • Learn how to write a great resume and cover letter that markets them to employers effectively and gets them to the next stage for a highly contested job

  • How to research a prospective employer and prepare smart questions at an interview.

  • Understand what 'Selection Criteria' are and how to address them.

  • Discover what employers really want in candidates.

  • How to handle failures, hurdles and rejections.

  • Networking and how to market themselves on Social Media including LinkedIn.

  • Recognise their strengths and learn how to manage their weaknesses.

  • Bonus interviews with 16-22 year olds giving insights into how they are achieving their career goals.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • Instructions For Teachers

  • 2

    Module 1 - WHAT can I talk about if I have little or no paid work experience?

    • Teachers Lesson Plan Module 1

    • Student Workbook Module 1

    • 1. How To Talk About Yourself

    • 2. Confidence Comes From Self-knowledge

    • 3. People Skills (EQ vs IQ)

  • 3

    Module 2 - HOW do I talk about myself? All the secrets shared.

    • Teachers Lesson Plan Module 2

    • Student Workbook Module 2

    • 4. Behavioural Interviews And The S.A.R. Method

    • 5. What Are Your Strengths?

    • 6. What Are Your Weaknesses And How To Talk About These

    • 7. Managing Your Social Media Presence

  • 4

    Module 3 - WOW employers and make a genuine impression.

    • Teacher Lesson Plans Module 3

    • Student Workbook Module 3

    • 8. What Employers Want

    • 9. Pre-Interview Employer Research

    • 10. Job Search Tips

    • 11. Handling Hurdles, Rejections and Failures

  • 5

    Module 4 - BRING it together in a resume, cover letter & interview.

    • Teachers Lesson Plan Module 4

    • Student Workbook Module 4

    • 12. The Recruitment Process Explained

    • 13. Cover Letters And Selection Criteria

    • 14. Creating a Powerful Resume

    • 15. Video Interview vs Online (or Live) Interview

    • 16. Leveraging LinkedIn

  • 6

    MODULE 4 EXTRA DOWNLOADS - Resume and Cover letter template pack

    • Resume & Cover Letter Completion Notes

    • Guide - How To Rescue Your Resume

    • Resume Template Example - PDF

    • Resume Template - WORD document for students to amend and personalise

    • Cover Letter Template - WORD document for students to amend and personalise

  • 7

    BONUS INTERVIEWS - Young Adults Share Their Career Stories

    • TRADE JOBS - Leaving School In Year 10: A 16 Year Old 2nd Year Apprentice Shares His Invaluable Tips To Start A Career As A Tradie

    • EMERGENCY SERVICES - From Bank Teller At Age 19 To Fire Fighter: How This Indigenous Go-Getter Obtained Her Dream Job

    • GRADUATE JOBS - Don't Underestimate Volunteer Jobs & Working At Your Local Cafe While In High School: How This Uni Student Got Graduate Job Interview Ready

    • ADF OFFICER ROLES - Meet a 19 year old Army Officer In Training To Achieve A Coveted Helicopter Pilot Role In The Army - What It Takes To Successfully Apply To The ADF

    • Thank you!

Year13 Future of Work Expo: How To Get Hired With Little Or No Experience

FAQ's and How Does School Access Work?

Every school has different  time tables and some teachers have more time with students than others for careers related topics. 

The course is fully flexible and can for example be taught:

  • Over the course of 4 x 1 hour lessons
  • Over 8 x 30 minute lessons
  • Or can be incorporated as part of a Careers Day complete with group workshops 

The videos come with Teachers Lesson plans and ideas for exercises in group settings, which can lead to rich conversations with your students.

Once the students have watched the videos and done the exercises, they will be set up for success finalising their own resume and cover letters using our detailed templates. The templates come complete with ideas for content and design.

Most schools we work with, prefer access for a few teachers across a year group.

You sign up with the name and email address of the main contact at your school. Once payment for the school is complete, please email us the names and email addresses of subsequent teachers you would like add to your school account to access the course material.

For any other questions ahead of ordering, or if you'd like to discuss direct student access, please don't hesitate to email us.

12 Months School Access - Unlimited Students

Professional Interview Training now accessible for Secondary Students

Contributing content to SEEK

Our co-founder Kirsty Anne Ferguson regularly contributes to SEEK. Speaking to the Youth and Experienced job seeker sectors, SEEK believes ‘you’re more skilled than you know’ and is working to help job seekers understand the value and power of transferrable skills, that can see them make career progress.