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    Free Resources

    • How To Access Your Free Resources

    • The 4-Step Pinstripe Solutions Airline Interview Preparation Process - Explainer

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    Airline Psychometric & Aptitude Testing Preparation - Watch Now For Free

    • Psychometric & Aptitude Testing Preparation - From the on-demand Essential Airline Interview Coaching Course For Pilots

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    Inspirational Interviews

    • 2 Redundancies, 3 Continents, New Career. A single dads story of success, loss and reinvention - from Airline Captain to Real Estate Agent mid Covid Pandemic - Feb 2021

    • Meet a 19 year old who recently started his ADF Officer training with the goal to ultimately fly Chinook Helicopters. Find out why he has his sights set on the Chinook!

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    Free Downloads

    • Booklet: Top 10 Interview Mistakes

    • Booklet: Talking About Your Strengths

    • Booklet: Why Most Resumes Are Rubbish (.... PLUS Top 10 Tips To Create An Amazing One!)

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